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Engineer.iX IxEmDi (Extended Mail Delivery)


Program: Engineer.iX IxEmDi (Extended Mail Delivery)



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Please mind that you use this program at your own risk. We don't take any responsability for damages that result directly or indirectly from the application of this software.


Note: This program is using FAMFAMFAM Silk Icons v1.3

System requirements: .NET 2.0
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This program was originally designed for a client's project in order to provide a kind of e-mail stress test tool and to validate several functions of a mail gateway.

IxEmDi can run a user defined number of time scheduled tasks based on a kind of check list. Every task can plan the delivery of one or multiple e-mails of a specified or random size, with a specified or random content and attachments to a list of one ore more recipients.

Ixemdi Main Form 

Ixemdi Task Editor Form

Currently only the delivery via SMTP is supported, but it is possible to use a specific SMTP server and port on every task to emulate different senders. If you need additional functions don't hesitate and give us a e-mail. (see Contact)



Typical Use Cases

Case 1 - Sending test mails for checking your mail transport environment

In first this program was designed to send some test e-mails of specified size and content to verify some mail gateways specification. This can help you to make a specific testing routine for your mail environment: IxEmDi has a lot of options to let it send mails automatically. So you can run your test checklist and later you can check if all mails came in correctly or not.


Case 2 - E-Mail stress testing / maximum number of e-mails allowed from one recipient

Depending on your mail environment it is also possible to use this tool for load tests to stress your mail server with a lot of mails sent by several mailaccounts on other servers. But in this case you have to keep in mind that most mail environments will block you or suspect you to be a spammer and try to block you. So IxEmDi could serve for testing the threshold values of your mail server.


Case 3 - Sending automatically files from a specific folder via e-mail

The second use is a kind of "opportunity feature". You can use the program as well for REAL purpose. You can let it not only send you boring test mails, but also can let it send you the content of specified folders via e-mail, for example sending you 1x each month your image gallery, or sending you every evening your working documents.



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